Why Choose Irow

What our customers say:

Marjo Kuhlka, CVT, Hospital Manager. VCA Companion Care, Wausau, WI

I am so pleased with IROW’s attention to detail and customer service.  They currently provide our garbage and recycling pick up, and we have used their electronics and document destruction services.  Each time they have come when promised, have been courteous and accommodating to our business needs, and they offer competitive rates.  Our sales representative Mike Zondlo personifies customer service excellence.  Mike has gone above and beyond our expectations by personally ensuring that our needs are met and that we are satisfied.  It is a pleasure to do business with a company like IROW that places such a strong value on customer satisfaction!

Chris Voll, Village of Kronenwetter Trustee

"When we looked at bids, I looked at price, reputation, and community involvement. I found IROW to be the best suited to provide the services needed for the Village of Kronenwetter."

Gery Glodowski, Receiving Supervisor, Banta Corporation

"In our fast-paced industry we need a flexible vendor that can recycle and destroy obsolete and un-useable items. Banta has been working successfully with IROW for over six years. At first, we started with having IROW pick up one trailer every other month to having them pick up over 190 truckloads in 2003, 179 truckloads in 2004 and over 100 truckloads in 2005."

"With the variety of products that we need to destroy or recycle, we face many challenges, such as how to transfer them from our facility to the proper landfill, recycling center of other facility. IROW has picked up various items from paper and cardboard to plastic tubes, paper plates, stuffed animals to just recent a trailer of ladies under garments."

"They are the most flexible and cost efficient company to work with for all of the different products we handle. They can handle increased volume on a turn of a dime without sacrificing their high quality customer service. There are times we have 40 truckloads to recycle in a short amount of time, and IROW will handle the volume we have without issue. Whatever the item is, IROW has always worked with us to see that we get the best pricing and solutions to our needs to make it a win-win situation for both IROW and Banta."

"We have been able to show our customers that by recycling with IROW, we can provide for them a cost effective program to recycle and/or destroy all of their obsolete produce, which is also safe for the environment. Even their paperwork is succinct. We work with such a diverse customer base, but IROW is able to back up their service with documentation and any paperwork we need so that we can properly charge our customers."

"I would recommend IROW to anyone with concerns about recycling needs. No matter how big or small of an operation they have, IROW will work with you to provide all of your recycling and destruction needs in a cost efficient manner."