Recyclers first, IROW is very familiar with how to turn materials destined for the landfill into reusable goods. Working directly with key company decision makers, IROW will complete a customized analysis of your waste stream to identify your recycling options - saving you money.

Recyclable materials include, but are not limited to:

Office Waste Paper Glass
Magazines Plastic Bottles & Containers
Newspapers Aluminum
Corrugated Cardboard Tin
Chipboard/Cores/Corner Protectors Metal Branding
Green Branding Scrap Metal
Plastic Pails Industrial Scrap Plastics
Stretch Wrap Packaging Waste
Defective Merchandise Out of Date or Expired Product
Over-Issue & Misprint Stock & Forms    

If you are not sure whether your company produces recyclable items, or if an item can be recycled, contact IROW. We’ve recycled things that no one ever thought possible!

"If it doesn't make economic sense, it doesn't make recycling sense."
- Cory Tomczyk, President and Owner