NAID Certification

As the only NAID (National Association for Information Destruction) certified business within North Central Wisconsin, IROW’s offsite destruction facility processes 3 tons of office paper per hour. To achieve NAID certification, IROW must adhere to stringent document destruction requirements designed to ensure the proper and legal disposal of confidential information. IROW’s comprehensive document destruction process shreds and randomly mixes paper scraps prior to shipment only for repulping or conversion to other paper products. NAID certification also requires that all entrances and exits be recorded around the clock through closed circuit television, and that all IROW employees go through extensive background checks. Every year since 2003, IROW has received NAID’s prestigious certification.

These documents would be of interest to any competitor:

Customer lists
Price lists
Sales statistics
Account data
Employee information
Contract information
Purchase orders
Training information
Drafts of bids and correspondence

Without entrusting a NAID certified vendor, this highly sensitive information ends up in the dumpster where it is readily, and legally, available to anybody. Businesses that do not shred these confidential documents expose themselves to the risk of criminal and civil prosecution, as well as the costly loss of business.

Do you know your legal obligations?

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FACTA) requires businesses and individuals to take appropriate measures to dispose of sensitive information derived from consumer reports. Examples of consumer reports include credit reports, credit scores, reports businesses or individuals receive with information relating to employment background, check writing history, insurance claims, residential or tenant history, or medical history. Businesses must also comply with The Red Flag Rule (an amendment to FACTA) that requires every organization “that holds any consumer account, or other account for which there is a reasonably foreseeable risk of identity theft” to develop what it calls “reasonable policies and procedures for detecting, preventing, and mitigating identity theft.” IROW and the National Association for Information Destruction have the knowledge, experience and resources you need to help you ensure compliance with these important regulations.